Sunday, October 4, 2009


We have the sweetest, most gorgeous rescued Golden Retriever, named Digby. He came to us with that name and we just loved it. It suits him perfectly. We adopted him through the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue. Every October the rescue organization throws a Golden free for all they call Dogtoberfest as a reunion for all the rescued dogs. It is a day of golden fun at a park with 2 swimming pools, lots of grassy play area and the park is completely gated so the dogs can run amok. It is quite a sight to behold, a sea of every shade of golden dog playing in the water, chasing tennis balls, and just plain enjoying being a dog!
We could not get our silly boy out the pool once he got in. He swam for 3 1/2 hours with only small breaks. He had a great time as did all the wonderful golden adoptees and their families.

Digby takes his swimming seriously
Digby swimming, we had no idea he loved to swim. Last year he just played in the wading pool.

taking a rest
Al forcing Digby to rest a bit before jumping back in the pool.

Dogtoberfest-swimming goldens
Lots of happy swimming goldens

Dogtoberfest-frolicking goldens
More happy goldens

Dogtoberfest 10.03.09
My sweet boy!

Thought for the day: The fruit of the Spirit is love! Love for God, love for my family and friends, love for my neighbor, love for my enemies. I identify with Jesus Christ by loving like He loves. Sacrificially, unconditionally.


  1. My girls and myself loved the pictures of the puppies! Lots of Oohs and Aahs from the girls for Digby. My oldest liked your scriptures! (I love to read them too)

  2. I enjoyed looking at those photos very much and so did my little girl sitting on my lap! She loves Digby! She giggled all the time! Thanks for sharing!


  3. That one is really good post. He looks really nice. You are taking very good care of him. That is really a tough job.

  4. Hi, Nancy! Digby is gorgeous! He sure looks like he enjoyed all that swimming! :-)

  5. Loved looking at these vibrant photos!! Never ever seen something like this before!!
    I also loved your thought for the day - it reminded me of the first one of your blog which was also about a fruit of the Spirit (kindness) I will never forget it - it hit me like a hammer.. or should I say a two-edged sword!!


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