Sunday, October 31, 2010

October CCC

Hi all....I just realized it's been over a week since my last post! Bad blogger. Now that I've scolded myself for being neglectful in my blogging, let's get on with the task at hand.

I've been saving a post for the October installment of Deborah's immensely popular global card exchange; the Card Chain Challenge (click HERE to join the challenge for November, there's still time). I've been delaying it because I hadn't heard from my recipient that my card had arrived. I just heard from her and she hasn't received my card as yet due to a spate of natural disasters to hit her country of Indonesia.

Now usually when I hear of disasters and turmoil in other parts of the world I'll stop and pray, I usually send some money to World Vision to help with relief efforts, but it stays compartmentalized in another part of the world and doesn't really hit home. Well, the Card Chain Challenge put a name and a person to "the other part of the world" for me this month. That person is Indah Permata Sari and my heart and prayers go out to her. I know how annoyed I am when there is a problem and my mail delivery is delayed a few hours, I'm sure for Indah right now not getting mail is the least of her worries. So I will continue to pray and continue to expand my horizons of compassion and realize that there is a name and a story for each person who is dealing with tragedy or even just inconvenience caused by natural disasters. Please keep Indah and all of our friends in Indonesia and their families in your prayers.

After much thought I decided I would go ahead and post the cards for the October CCC for two reasons. There is the real chance that Indah may not ever get my card and at least she will know that I did make something special for her; and I wanted to share the extraordinarily lovely card I received from my new friend in Canada, Sharon Dunn.

First up is Sharon's's completely yummy in it's elegant beauty....
Sharon used the challenge colors exquisitely and you really have to see that layered flower in person to appreciate it's lovely handcrafted beauty. Thank you, Sharon, this card is a treasure!

Now to my card....I tried something new and different with this card......
The Little Stencil Flower cling stamp from Hero Arts is stamped with Aged Mahogany Distress Ink on a page from a vintage Italian novel (which I found at Louise Granville's Etsy shop Time to Remember).
I tore the edges to size and added various distress inks to age the page even more. The flower at the bottom was clear embossed before cutting out and mounting with foam dimensional adhesive. I realize that my sentiment is very appropriate to the current circumstances.

1 Timothy 2:1 ~ "I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them."



  1. Lovely cards, both of them - such beautiful shades of rusty red! Will keep Indah and her country in my prayers tonight. Thanks, Nancy, for making this personal.

  2. So nice to see a post from you, Nancy! I heard this terrible news from Dwita the other day and have been praying for our Flickr friends in Indonesia. Lovely card you sent to Indah! I sure hope she receives it eventually. Sharon's card is so beautiful too! Hope you are well! Hugs to you!

  3. Hi Nancy! Beautiful cards! I love how you both used that deep, rich red! Thinking of our friends in Indonesia, too....And I love your new(?) blog header! It's so "you"...

  4. ADORE that first one Nancy! Thanks for sharing. New holiday cards on my blog!

  5. Beautiful. both of them. The deep red is so elegant.

  6. Wow Nancy... your card is beautiful and hopefully Indah will get it. I will pray as well for all our Indonesian friends. The card Sharon sent you is delightful. I really enjoy this CCC.... such fun.

  7. What a great post! Beauty and substance--that's YOU, Nancy! Love Sharon's card (she is also a sweetie!). And yours is lovely. Love the details and colors/shades! This CCC does help us think of the receiver on the other side of the world, isn't it? I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers! Bless you!

  8. Beautiful cards! Love the bold red flowers :)

  9. Both of these are just beautiful. I love Sharon's card, such class and the colors on yours are so gorgeous and vintage!
    Thanks for making me aware of the circumstances in Indonesia... I know that Dwita is a devoted Christian.
    Hope you are well, thinking of you!

  10. Oh Wow, Nancy! Absolutely gorgeous on last month's color scheme!! The flowers just come to life so much!

  11. Wow Nancy two more stunning cards, the card from Sharon is beautiful , love the rich colours. Yours is very vintage and I love vintage, great idea with the italian text it looks fabulous!

  12. Lovely elegant card that you received and love the stamping on the text background on your card.

  13. Wow, Nancy! I am so flatterd by your sweet post! I'm sorry that I'm so late in visiting and seeing it.
    The card you made for Indah is so very pretty! I love your use of the text paper and your beautiful use of the sketch!
    Sadly I saw that they are having further eruptions in Indonesia - I'll be continuing to pray for all those affected.


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