Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Woodland Fairies Come Clean....

About a year ago, the uber organized Deborah Nolan, assembled a group of card makers from the Hero Arts flickr group for a months long card shower for Ruth, one of our own group who was facing difficult circumstances. Deborah started another of her famous spreadsheets to make sure Ruth got a card twice a week for 9 months and that even her adult children got some card love too. To keep our identities secret and to keep Ruth guessing we all took a fairy name as a pseudonym.
I was Merry Morning-glow. I sent this card in March.....
We are all so thankful to hear that Ruth is doing much better and Deborah thought that in the spirit of the Secret Santa it was time to reveal our identities. I was very blessed to be part of this out-pouring of encouragement and love!

~ Proverbs 12:25 ~
Worry weighs a person down;
an encouraging word cheers a person up!



  1. That Name is so perfect for you! Love the card you sent to Ruth! I know it must have brightened her day!

  2. Your card is such a day-brightener, and I know that's what it did for Ruth! How genius was it of Deborah to choose the fairy names for all of us!

  3. Such a happy and cheerful card! What a lovely thing you all did for Ruth! I'm sure it made a huge difference to know people cared for her...and her family! I love it!...Nancy :o)

  4. Love this card Nancy , I am sure Ruthie was thrilled when she received this. Love your Fairy name!!

  5. Hi I am back! Love your card, so sunny and happy.. the weather over here is far from sunny and raining almost every day! so I could use some cheering up:-) your card sure did the trick!

  6. I love how you came up with the title for this post - very creative! I'm sure Ruthie shall treasure the time she got a hand-made card every day! I don't have a photo of mine but it's just lovely to see what everybody sent to her.

  7. Such a cute card Nancy, Loved your name as well.... Love the way you layered your flower.

  8. i love the sweet sentiment, Merry Morning-glow. =) the layered flower is so pretty, too. i am sure this brought a big smile to Ruth's face.

  9. What a beautiful card! Love the sentiment.


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