Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Reason Why I Love Being a Card-maker....

It's the principle of reaping and send a card, you leave a comment, you give some encouragement and it all comes back to you....beautifully!
Case in point, in the last week I've been the recipient of some very lovely happy mail from some very lovely international friends (and one from Texas, who is quite lovely too!).
I've added a link to each of their blogs so you can visit and give them some comment love:

I love the doily as a frame for the main clever!  Virginia sent along some fun faith-themed SRM stickers....thanks so much!!

I met Sanne at CHA and she is so's obvious how talented she is! The flower is shiny with glossy accents and's so gorgeous IRL.

Sanne sent a little bonus tag too...

 I did a little favor for Vera and she sent this as a thank's so charming with those tiny little butterflies. Vera's blog is Ling's Design Studio.

I also just got a gorgeous card from Linda van Vliet all the way from Holland as part of the Card Chain Challenge. This card has an acetate base with some of the most lovely stamping in the challenge colors. She even decorated the envelope, love that!

I love the sentiment and I heartily agree....I'm so grateful for my friends, those nearby and all of my blogging buddies.

Here is the card I sent to Cassi for the Card Chain Challenge:
I loosely based this on the sketch and the challenge colors...very loosely it appears.

Friends do add so much to our lives...the old ones who know us the best (and still love us) and the newer ones we are learning more about and with whom we share common interests. To all my and blessings to you!!

Here are some of my favorite verses, pearls of wisdom if you will, from Proverbs chapter 27...
 ~Proverbs 27:8 ~
Wounds from a sincere friend are better than many kisses from an enemy.

~ Proverbs 27:9 ~
The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.

~ Proverbs 27:12 ~
A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.
The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

~ Proverbs 27:14 ~
A loud and cheerful greeting early in the morning
will be taken as a curse!
(love this one, obviously King Solomon was not a morning person)

~ Proverbs 27:17 ~
As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

~ Proverbs 27:19 ~
As a face is reflected in water,
so the heart reflects the real person.



  1. Thank you for letting me know my card safely. I love this card chain from Deborah. It's just lovely to see an exciting envelop in the mailbox!

  2. Wonderful post and gorgeous cards, you lucky girl! I so agree with you about this hobby that we share!! I'll be meeting our resident hostess with the mostest, Virginia, this weekend - cannot WAIT!!

  3. What a lovely post, Nancy. So many beautiful cards! I adore the one you sent to Cassi. Love the leaves used for the sentiment! Fun take on the sketch too. I'm so thankful for your friendship! Hugs to you. . .

  4. awesome post today Nancy.... and yes it is lovely to get such beautiful cards from friends. I so enjoy this part of this wonderful hobby. And "meeting" such lovely people like yourself....

  5. Beautiful cards and loved reading your thoughts for the day on friends!

  6. Hello my friend! I love all your beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing all the great verses as well! It was so fun to find your sweet comment on my blog this morning...thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a very happy day!...Nancy :o)

  7. You received some beautiful cards Nancy and the one you made is just gorgeous too! I love the verses your chose too - a very inspiring post!

  8. wow! great post! lovely cards and great inspiration! You are such a lucky girl having a cards from each of those talented ladies!and the card you send to Cassi makes me smile! Hugs

  9. I´m glad it arrived safely - HUGS to you!

  10. Aw, Nancy you're just the best! Thanks for showing my card and for your help. Hugs!! xx

  11. Oh my goodness, Nancy, all of these are so gorgeous!! One right after another! We are definitely thankful for our crafty friends, near and far away, it is certainly what lifts and encourages us to continue crafting!

  12. that is a beautiful collection of cards from some very talented cardmakers!! i agree--card makers are the bestest!
    and i am lucky i can meet you on the same day to get together for some brainstorming! thanks for your help the other day! i'm enjoying my borrowed items from you! ;)

  13. Nancy, your words are SO true! Isn't it wonderful to be able to expand our circle of friends through this wonderful crafting community? The cards you shared today are absolutely precious, not only because they are works of art but because they were made with love and sent with purpose and thoughtfulness. What gifts they are!


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