Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sweater Weather

Cooler weather means a new sweater for Tia! I found a great Etsy shop with the most adorable sweaters for dogs. It's called Dog on Cozy. The designs are fun, the prices are excellent and they are made really well. I will definitely be shopping for more Tia couture there in the future. You can find Dog on Cozy HERE.

Now let's see my little princess modeling her new sweater:

She loves wearing sweaters and she especially loves this one. It's very festive and bright.

It will even keep her little bum warm!



  1. WOW!! Such style and pizzazz!! That model is a true professional! I love the cozy sweater! I'm thinking of starting a knitting project today myself. We're having a true snow day...YAY!! I love it but it always makes me feel like knitting or crocheting! Thanks so much for your sweet comment about my mini! I appreciate you, my friend!...Nancy :o)

  2. This just makes you smile! Too cute! Love how stylish your pup looks!

  3. what a terrifically fashionable little daschunds here in Wisconsin would certainly benefit this winter from a style upgrade like this!

  4. Oh how CUTE!!! Love Tia and her happy sweater - I just bet she prances high in it!

  5. too cute...Tia is a great model. Love the pompoms on her pretty sweater.

  6. That is so cute.. What a great find..


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