Sunday, November 3, 2013

Journal: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

When I sit down to read and pray I like to keep a notebook handy to jot thoughts, prayers and verses. I usually incorporate the 30 days of thanksgiving in my quiet time notebook. This year I was inspired by a little spiral bound album that was just waiting for me to become motivated to decorate. And of course Lawn Fawn stamps, paper and dies helped me to find some creative mojo.

Since the pages in the booklet are cardboard, canvas and acrylic with a couple of envelopes I decided to include strips of paper to journal my thoughts on to tuck into the envelopes. Here's how the album cover design looks:

I painted the corrugated cardboard cover with some pretty gold paint then prettied that up a bit!

Supplies: Basically Bare: Funky Findings album; Lawn Fawn: Into the Woods papers, mixed sequins, stamps; Stitched Leaves and Stitched Journaling Card dies, Gold Sparkle Lawn Trimmings. Lots of inks, paints, stickers and assorted stuff from my stash.

I plan to use all the empty space to write random thoughts (I usually have lots of those).

I meant to post this last Friday with my Day 1 entry but I had some major computer issues so I'm behind as usual. I think I will just do a post on the 30th with my complete list for the month.

Even though I could add daily entries on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or any number of other available social media like I see everyone doing, I just can't bring myself to post regularly. Occasionally I will comment or "like" something I see but I just don't get how to have a conversation. I'm not sure how to share my thoughts or jump in to an exchange. I'm always so worried I'll "say" something that will be taken the wrong way (I have a weird, sarcastic sense of humor); I would hate to offend anyone. I have erased more comments than I have posted. I guess I'm more the drop by and have a cup of coffee and chat face to face type of person. I know the ironic part of this is that I post to social media for other entities and seem to have no problem. Anyone willing to school me in the ins and outs of communicating with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Help. Please. Anyone?

thanks for your visit and for enduring my pitiful lament! i'm seriously thankful for you!



  1. I love your altered notebook, Nancy--perfect embellishments & love the Fall colors! My mom would have loved having something like this for her devotions. Can't help you with the social media. Still don't do any of that & there's so much misunderstanding & harm I hear about. Guess it works for most people, but I'm just from another time--LOL!

  2. Nancy, your notebook looks fabulous! What a treat it will be each time you want to jot down a thought or verse - wonderful idea - love how it turned out!

    I think the problem with communicating on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is that you have to time it right, when those you'd like to have a "conversation" with are also on at the same time. Yes, you can go back and check to see if someone has responded, but if they have a question, and you're not there at the time, then they have to come back and check later too, for YOUR answer. Yikes! Sorry I am of no help!

  3. what a fabulous note book. It will inspire you to write those wonderful thoughts down no doubt Nancy. I'm not a great Twitter fan, but do check on FB regularly and generally just like a post. I like to share my cards sometimes and often a little view or two of my family. Not much help sorry.

  4. First, I gotta tell you, I can't imagine you ever saying anything that could offend anyone, Nancy. Your heart is one of the biggest ever! When I met my hubby I warned him that I had a smart and sarcastic mouth, but that I never wanted to hut him. That being said, this journal is such a treasure - what a joyful place to record your fall thoughts. Thanks for sharing all you have.


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