Thursday, March 27, 2014

Having Fun Taking Photos

I have been making cards lately but I can't share them....yet. There will be an awesome new Lawn Fawn release in a month or so and I've been designing some sample cards to send to stores. I can't wait to share them, you will totally love the new stamps and dies!!

In the meantime I've been participating in Ivy's photo project on Instagram this month. You can check it out at #ivyfotoaday. I'm taking pictures and editing them with The prompt for yesterday was ring and it got me thinking I should tell the story of this ring. Stop me if you've heard it before.....

My wedding ring is the only jewelry I wear. I just like to keep things simple. This isn't my original wedding ring. I lost the diamond in my first ring just before our 11th anniversary and rather than replace the diamond my hubby decided to replace the ring and surprise me!
Al worked for a wonderful man, Gordon, who just happened to be friends with Joseph, of Jewels by Joseph an exclusive jeweler at South Coast Plaza. Al would get Gordon's 50% discount. He found the ring and it was added to Gordon's account. At that time Al was being rewarded for doing an awesome job on a custom kitchen he designed with a trip for 2 to Lake Tahoe. He was thinking he would ask to have the value of the trip credited to the cost of the ring which would cut the price in half again to which Gordon agreed. The day that Al brought the final payment to his boss, Gordon told him to keep the money and take me out for our anniversary! Final cost of this beautiful wedding ring $0.00.
It originally had just the one larger diamond. The 2 smallest diamonds were from my original wedding set. The other 2 diamonds were earrings that I no longer wore but they had been an anniversary gift from Al many years before. I cherish this ring, the story behind it and my sweet hubby.

I still love how it looks on my hand even after 25 years! 
Yep, if you do the math this May we will be married 36 years!



  1. Sweet story, and such a beautiful ring, Nancy - thanks for sharing with us!!

  2. Beautiful ring! Love the story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a delightful story about this very special ring Nancy. It is a very pretty setting and looks beautiful on your finger. 36 years is quite an achievement. I too celebrated 36 yrs this past January. Well done too to your thoughtful Al. He really is a keeper!


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