Saturday, November 22, 2014

Art Journal - Psalm 16:11

I've spent the last few months visiting a whole bunch of doctors trying to figure out why I've been feeling so lousy. I had just about given up on life for a while. The headaches, dizziness and blackouts were terrifying and debilitating. Add to that the horrendous pain in my neck and down my back with numbness in my arms and hands and doing anything just seemed so impossible.

There hasn't been one definitive answer other than to rule out really bad neurological stuff for which I am so grateful. Turns out I've been experiencing a storm of unrelated conditions! The neck and back pain is the acute result of way too much repetitive motion. I've been going to physical therapy for a few weeks and the pain relief is such a blessing. I'm also strengthening my weakened muscles so I don't find myself in the same state again.

As for the other distressing symptoms, the consensus is that the headaches and dizziness are partly the result of my allergies getting worse and partly from the mess in my neck. The blackouts appear to be unrelated to the other conditions and have not returned since I started to reduce my dosage of estrogen. Looks like I will be facing life without that little crutch because the very real risk of stroke. Yikes!

While I have been convalescing I decided to get out the art journal that hasn't seen any love for a couple years and just do some doodling. It was good to force my hand to hold a pen. Even though the result is pretty wobbly and imperfect I'm so happy to finally create something again. 

Psalm 16:11 is a favorite Bible verse. I love how it makes our relationship with God clear. He will give us guidance and fill us with joy as we seek Him in our daily lives. And that prepares us to enjoy eternity living in the light of His love.

I did the initial doodling with a pencil then drew over that with Copic Multi Liner pens. I colored and shaded with Copic Sketch markers then added some color in the background with Tumbled Glass Distress Ink using a Mini Ink Blending Tool. I left room on the bottom of the right page to add some journaling later.

My journal is the large Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Journal.

I want to thank everyone for your prayers and kind comments. ♥



  1. Dear Nancy, so sorry to hear that you've been tested. I know your mind can jump to all kinds of conclusions that don't help in the overall daily goings on. I'm glad that the pt is giving you some relief, and hope that the other symptoms will take care of themselves as time goes by. Will keep you in my prayers.....

  2. So sorry about your illness. Hope you find relief and are better soon. Your journal page is lovely and meaningful. Hugs.

  3. Oh, Nancy, I had no idea you were having such a difficult time with your health. I am so sorry you're going through all this! I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I hope you find more answers and have continued relief from any pain. Sending lots of hugs to you! ♥♥♥

    I love your art journal page - it turned out beautifully! Your doodling looks amazing!

  4. You poor thing... I hope that now you know what's the issues are, things will continue to improve. I will add you to my healing prayer list... Your journal page is perfect. take care Nancy. <3

  5. I love these beautiful pages that doodle the thoughts of your heart! May God grant you JOY and HOPE in your present suffering! Sorry to hear this and I so hope you health will improve dear Nancy!

  6. It's wonderful you can still count your blessings after such health trials, Nancy! Sending hugs your way and loving your beautiful journal pages!!

  7. As I was reading this I thought it sounded so so so much like what I went through! The EXACT same symptoms as you are describing. I went to specialists, all kinds of testing and it turned out to be Lyme Disease. Since you are getting tested for everything else, you may want to get a Lyme test. If anything to just rule it out! I love your journal page! So beautiful! I hope you feel better soon:)

  8. aww Nancy I am so sorry you have been feeling so bad. I am glad that the PT has been helping. I will keep you in my prayers.. big hugs to you..

    looking forward to seeing you at CHA to give you that big hug. :)

  9. I am so sorry that hear that you haven't been feeling well, Nancy, but I'm so glad that it seems like things are starting to improve! That is such a great verse to remember! Thanks for sharing Nancy and I will keep you in my prayers! :)


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