Saturday, January 31, 2015

Uriah is in the news!

Apparently my grandson is the "face of measles" these days. My son and daughter-in-love were interviewed for a segment on NBC Nightly News January 30th and ABC news made some calls to them also. (Updated to include CBS Evening News, BBC Radio, KIIS-FM Radio Interview with Ryan Seacrest, article)

Here's the link to the NBC video and article

During his isolation at Children's Hospital of Orange County he still managed some smiles.

Uriah was a pretty cool customer in front of the news cameras!

It's important for everyone to know that your child is not fully immune until they have the second shot. CDC Vaccine Info  Measles Information from CDC
With so many people choosing not to vaccinate their children we are seeing a resurgence of a killer disease that was once nearly eradicated. Measles spreads easily with infected people not showing symptoms until days after they are contagious. It first appears as a cold or flu until the painful rash shows up a few days later. Uriah was very sick and he had a fairly mild case of measles. There are no medicines for treating measles. I hope by sharing their story it will help others in making decisions for their children.



  1. Something good out of something bad. It's great that they are getting the word out!

  2. I rarely watch NBC news but I happened to be watching last night! So glad Uriah is recovered and he looked adorable on TV!!

  3. I was watching the news the other night (while reading blog posts, of course). I heard the words "Measles" and "Uriah" and I glanced up to see that adorable face. I knew I had seen him before somewhere...on your blog! I'm glad he's doing better. P.S. I enjoy your posts!!

  4. So he had the first shot and still got it?
    In the other hand he is precious! You guys might get more phone calls!!!

  5. Oh, Nancy! I'm glad to hear Uriah is well on his way to a full recovery. That must have been so scary for everyone! He's such a little trooper! Take good care!

  6. So happy to hear that he is better... Measles makes the kids very miserable. Both mine have had it, but nowhere as bad as Uriah did. He's such a wee cutie and did well in the interview.


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