Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tag Tuesday and a blog award!

Sweet Jill over at Inspired by has so generously given me this fun blog award.

I'm so honored that my humble little blog makes her smile! I must now share 5 things about myself and then send this award on to 5 bloggers who make me smile, so here goes....

1. After 31 years of marriage I'm planning just my 3rd Thanksgiving dinner at my house. My sister has decided to hand over the gravy ladle to me.
2. I studied Dance in college and used that to choreograph and direct musicals at the Christian school where I worked for 15 years.
3. Now that my son is a former Marine and staying with us, I worry about him being out late.
4. I need a "Blogging 101" course...still so much to learn.
5. I took a Photoshop class at the local JC, earned an A and still can't use Photoshop.

And now for the bloggers who make me smile:
Check out these lovely blogs and leave them some comment love.

And now for Tag Tuesday. The theme this week at Kard Krazy is to use a photograph on a tag.

I used a photo of my grandmother (on the left) and her sisters taken in 1910. I also used some more of the lovely scraps from Jacqueline, hoping to get some of her vintage feminine style for this tag. The doorway is from the Graphics Fairy, I altered it to fit my purpose.

Thought for the day: When I start to get worried about circumstances beyond my control I try to remember this truth from Psalm 62
Truly my soul silently waits for God; from Him comes my salvation. My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him.

May you receive blessings from God today!


  1. Love your sweet grandmother, lucky you to have those photos! I also loved visiting here, it is a fun space!!!
    Congrats on your award!
    FYI, I just started using PS. Just jump right in and try it out! I have so much to learn and am tech. challenged, but I am gaining ground!
    Go for it!

  2. Wow this is a gorgeous Tag.
    So wonderful photo. Love them.

  3. Oh my, Nancy!! Thanks for the award! I'm deeply honored that my blog make you smile :) So glad to know more about you (wow! I didn't know you taught dancing!!). Your blog is inspirational and creative, Nancy!!

  4. thank you for looking at mine ..adore family photos & love your tag

  5. I love your tag! Your Grandmother and her sisters are beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful tag Nancy and just love your colors and embellishments - that photo is precious!!

  7. Nancy, this is just so elegant! What a beautiful bunch of girls!

  8. Nancy, your link worked fine...got me right here.
    I love the shabby chic look of your tag. The vintage photo of your grandmother is perfect for this. What a great picture!

  9. What an amazing tag!! I love all the different elements that you used. What beautiful family members you have, they look so lovely framed with that door!! Thank you so much for playing along for "Brag Monday"!

  10. Lovely tag... I really love all the beautiful elements. The picture is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your award with me. (It is truly appreciated!) Love your thought for today it is a good lesson for me.

  11. So fun to read about you, Nancy! If you find a good blogging 101 class- please let me know- haha! I admire your blog and always love stopping here to admire your creations. :) Now, speaking of your creations---THAT TAG IS UNBELIEVABLE! I think every little thing about it is gorgeous! Thanks also for your thought for the day. I always love them.

  12. Wow NAN this tag is so fantastic!!! Love the heavenly layers,all the yummy elements and the design is stunning!!!!!! The photo is amazing too I hope you have a copy..lol

  13. This tag is beautiful! Love it!! And I loved to read about you, too!


  14. Beautiful vintage tag, Nancy!! And I loved reading your "5 things....". They made me smile! Have a wonderful and peaceful Veteran's Day.

  15. Theres something that makes me go all goosebumpy and go oooooooo when I see work with family images. I really wish I had photos of my grandparents etc ...this is a magical piece of artwork- really delicate and gentle looking.

  16. thank you nancy for tagging me!

    i love the projects you create w/ old photos...this tag is gorgeous with all the trim!

  17. Beautiful tag - very soft and romantic!

  18. Your tag is so beautiful and holds a special meaning. love the vintage image.

  19. You have adorned this wonderful picture with the perfect soft embellishments. So pretty!

  20. It's a very pretty tag

  21. Very cute girls. Love all the embellishments!
    I visited Orange, CA a few years ago. There was a cute shop, I think it is called Paris in a Cup now. Is it still there?


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