Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last Sunday we took Digby to his 3rd Dogtoberfest at Islander Park in Riverside. It is sponsored by Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles- Rescue. It's a Golden Retriever play date of grand proportions...the dogs swim, frolic and generally have a wonderful time. We brought Tia with us and our friends Ernie, Sue and Ed Ernst.

My lovable lunk-head Digby is a swimming fool....he jumps in the water on arrival and that's where he stays. He gets out for short trips to the grass (he's a good boy, he doesn't pee in the pool). This year we got him a handy dandy red doggie flotation device so he wouldn't get tuckered out too soon.

Digby loves to swim!

Swimming with friends

Doggie rest area.

Taking a short break before jumping back in.

I caught me a funny looking duck!

Hey Buddy, can you toss me one of those tennis balls?

Tia's glad she's not in the pool, that's no place for Chihuahua's

Time to go home...we finally got him out of the pool.

Dogtoberfest is a fundraiser for the Golden Retriever Rescue organization and the attendees are all rescue dogs. To learn more about adopting a homeless Golden Retriever visit their website HERE.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Thought for the Day!


  1. Oh Nancy, that is the sweetest blog posts ever, I loved it, how cute...I love how they look like they are just having a blast together. This really made me laugh and smile, thank you, hugs!

  2. Wonderful pictures, Nancy!! They really look like they're having fun!

  3. awww... look at the happy face on Digby! such a sweet post, Nancy! i LOVE all the photos and for such a good cause. hope more people are adopting! =)

  4. That was the best series of photos, you can see the joy on his face. So glad you shared them with us!

  5. You just made my night! I so enjoyed seeing these fun photos and reading your post. Digby sure is a beautiful dog! I'll bet he slept good after that! So glad you shared this with us. Thank you, Nancy! :)

  6. wow nancy loved seeing your photos of Digby...he is an absolute sweetheart and he is having so much fun....thanks for sharing...big hugs from kath & buddy xxxx

  7. Wow I love these photographs, thank you for sharing:-) Looks like Digby had an amazing time!!!

  8. that looks so fun & refreshing! what lucky dogs! TFS! made me smile!

  9. Awww that is so cute!

  10. what a cool way to spend time with friends... for Digby that is!!!! He looks like he was having so much fun. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  11. Nancy, your doggies are so adorable! Looks like Digby really had a blast and Tia probably think jumping on the pool? Why would you want to do that. LOL. Love the pics.

  12. The dogs look like they're having so much fun! Great pics Nancy!

  13. My kids so want a dog...yours seems perfect!
    I am so glad I saw you on the HA blog today. Your reindeer card is amazing and led me to your blog. So happy to find that you are a Christian and post all kinds of encouragement!

  14. Hi, Nancy! Looks like a blast! Digby sure looks like he's having fun! :-)


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