Thursday, February 2, 2012

I survived CHA.....just barely!

Let me just start by saying I had a great time at CHA. Now I need about a week to recover.

My adventure started on Friday afternoon January 27 with a phone call from Kelly Marie asking if I could lend a hand with a presentation she had scheduled. Well, sure I said, I'd love to help. The rest is a blur until this morning when I woke up feeling like someone twice my age (that'd be about 110 in people years).

On Saturday I was back to help with the final set up for Lawn Fawn land, the stamps and samples hanging on the clothesline were my handiwork. It was not as easy as it looks and took a few hours to get just right.

Once the booth was set up, Kelly and I filled a pitcher with little paper pinwheel pins. I hope everyone who got one enjoys it....making them made me want to swear and I don't swear.

We finished the day with yummy Mexican food at Ricardo's with new friends.

from left: Jenny Suchin, Ayana Posadas, Chari Moss, Laurel Beard, Vera Yates, me and Kelly.

Oh yeah, did I mention I started Saturday at 5am with a Yard Sale....yep, how's that for great timing! 

I'll be back with more CHA pics tomorrow along with another Lily Pad Cards post.

1 John 4:7-8


  1. Love it. Kick your feet up now and relax.

  2. Wow, Nancy! And you didn't have to travel through a bunch of time zones, either! Great job and looks like a whirlwind!

  3. Although it was hard work it looks like you had fun Nancy, and you got to meet lots of familiar faces from flickr!!

  4. Hi Nancy, aww I am so sorry we did not meet. I wish we had. Your booth was so fun...I totally loved it. Well I guess maybe next time our paths will cross. I am so glad you had a great it is time to rest..that is what I am doing.. :)

  5. It was so much fun meeting you, Nancy!

  6. Welcome home, Nancy! Thank you for sharing all your photos from CHA! Made me feel like I was right there with you.

  7. All that hard work payed off - the booth looks adorable!! Looking forward to more photos when you are rested up!

  8. Thanks for sharing the pics from CHA Nancy!! The Lawn Fawn booth was adorable - you did a wonderful job!!!! Hope you get a chance to relax a bit now :)

  9. You did a great job with the clothes line, everything looked perfect. Wish I had been there earlier to lend a hand. At least I did get to help take over the pinwheel making so that there was no swearing! :)

  10. Oh no! I can understand your exhaustion! lol But how fun to be a part of it all...well, after the recuperation it will be fun, right? :o)

  11. gorgeous use of the colours Nancy...and thanks for sharing the wonderful pics of CHA.


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