Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is it too late to post my pictures from CHA?

Boy, was I wiped out by my trip to Chicago. It was the most fun I've ever had working that hard. I'm so happy to be a part of the wonderful Lawn Fawn team of "Fawnies"!

I've finally edited all my photos to share with you today and tomorrow.

Today it's all about the booth which was constructed at Kelly's parents house.

Thursday July 12:  Mike begins cutting the frames that will become the booth panels

Rocking the construction old school with hammer and nails.

 I did my best imitation of a carpentry apprentice.... least the garage had chandeliers!

Chari arrived in time on Saturday to tape out the "picture frames" for product display.

While Kelly, Mike, Britta and I left for the convention center on Sunday to set up the booth and give a presentation, we left Chari behind to create some samples with the new stamps. Don't feel too bad for her, look at the craft room she got to use! I returned later in the afternoon to help plan the Make n Takes.

 Britta and Mike pose with the panels

I'm holding up a panel while it's secured to the rest

The panels are up....great workmanship and teamwork paid off.
This is where we left the booth until Monday morning when the whole team came back.

Britta added the sweet whimsical details to the frames.

Chari and I were in charge of getting all the product and decoration up on the walls.
Here we are posing with our handiwork.

I think we broke Britta.

Although Kelly and Mike aren't in these photos they were busy helping with the booth while meeting with reps and making contacts before the show started. We left the hall and headed to Home Depot for last minute supplies then we were up late making a banner to finish the top of the booth. The lovely craft room on the third floor (which also doubled as Britta's room) was a fun place to be into the wee hours each night.

Kelly's making sample layouts, Chari is cutting papers for samples (she really was happy) and Britta (who snapped this pic) and I are making the banner that we swagged across the top of the booth as the perfect finishing touch.

That's all for today. Come by tomorrow for pictures from the show including all the special friends I met.



  1. OH, Nancy! So much planning and hard work by all!! But that is the most beautiful garage I have ever seen! Chandeliers?? It is awesome to see such talent and hard work in motion!! Love the photos. See you at Scrapfest!!

  2. Thanks for all the photos. It looks like a lot of work, but in a good way!

  3. I'm so glad you shared this part of the trip, Nancy - hard work, dedication and friendship sure make for a wonderful booth! Looking forward to tomorrow's pics! :)

  4. great photos... Thanks for sharing. And that is one stylish garage.

  5. what a lot of work..... even if it was fun! Such a transformation of the booth. Sounds like a great time was had Nancy, no wonder you were pooped at the end. Looking forward to even more photos.

  6. Great photos, Nancy! Such fun to see all the hard work that goes into CHA! Hope you won't have to work that hard at ScrapFest!

  7. Hi nancy...lots of hard work but I bet loads of fun too...thanks for your BTS pics...hugs kath xxx

  8. Ha! I don't look happy in that picture, people need to warn me when they are snapping pics so I don't make horrible faces.

  9. Great "behind" the scene photos!! Thanks for sharing your adventure (and fun!)

  10. Nancy is it too late to leave you comments on these posts! I hope not! Being on vacation (still am) does not leave lots of time to visit blogs. But I had to visit and read everything about CHA and how you helped Lawn Fawn to succeed! Great post! Loved the photos!


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