Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun with Digital Kits

I noticed that 2 Peas had some Digi kits on sale so I got a few of them and had some fun. Even though I have Photoshop, I prefer to use Publisher for playing with photos and digital elements. You could also use Word or PowerPoint. Once you are done just save your digital artwork as a picture either .jpg or .png and it will act like any other photo.

I started with this cute photo I snapped of Tia using the camera on my phone (love my new phone!) My son Ben had started clearing out his old room (yippee) and we found Tia's little sleeping hut and her Body Glove shirt. She loves wearing shirts, she shoves her head right through the neck hole and her feet through the armholes. Then she poses. Like this:

She doesn't realize that her sleeping hut has kitties on it, so we won't tell her!

First I edited the photo using, adding the text and lady bug while re-sizing and cleaning up the exposure.

Then I opened it in Publisher and started adding digi elements and WordArt. Here's the result:

Digital Kits used:

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  1. I haven't tried digital scrapping. Love your example. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, she is just the cutest, little puppy! I love what you created with the photo, Nanc! Adorable!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family! Sending lots of hugs! :)

  3. Tia is too cute! Also....I'm so glad you have a phone and love it :)


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