Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sharing some storage solutions

I think these storage boxes from Target work really well because they keep my stamps right in front of me when I'm working. But I wanted to start storing my clear sets in bags, especially now that so many of them have coordinating dies.

I found these zip top bags at Simon Says Stamp to store my 4x6 sets. Then I ordered 2 small sizes of  bags from KraftStash on Etsy for storing dies and smaller clear stamp sets. I typed up labels for each set, printing them on file folder labels, and I created a spreadsheet to keep an inventory of all my stamps and dies. (Note to self: never let my husband see this).  For storing my smaller sets, I bought 2 of these library card boxes at

I put all my clear sets in the bags, labeled them, sorted them according to category and put them in the boxes. Last I made some cute dividers using a fun washi tape digi kit by Polka Dot Pixels.

Dividers were created in Microsoft Publisher and printed on heavy white cardstock.

 This is one of my stamp sets with coordinating dies. I used one of the smaller zip top bags to store the dies, then added them to the stamp bag. I love it, everything is right where I need it!

 I found the 3-tiered basket at Target, it's perfect for storing all those embellishments; a look at my streamlined work area. I decided to lose all the decorations and keep a clean look; spice rack that works perfectly for Distress stains, various sprays/mists and Studio paints. I found it on

 I love how the library card boxes slide out for easy access to all my smaller stamp sets.

I love it when a plan comes together, to quote The A-team. Its all organized; now I just need time to play!

My next goal is to get this room painted! The French Vanilla colored walls will be swapped out for cool pale gray. The wainscoting and other woodwork will get a coat of crisp white.

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  1. Oh my! Love how you organize your craft room, especially the stamps, Nancy!! Can you come to mine and we can "do it together" (LOL)? Thanks for the inspiration--I really NEED it in that organizing department!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your room looks great! I can use all of these tips!

  3. Wow! Your space is looking fabulous, Nanc! Love all your white shelves! Feels so good to be organized, doesn't it? Hugs! ♥

  4. When can you come and organise my room Nancy????? Your organisation is awesome. I really must get myself better organised.

  5. Oh Nancy! I just love the tips you've shared!! I had just decided my winter project is going to be a craft room overhaul and you've given me lots of good ideas!!!

  6. wow totally love how clean and organized your space is!

  7. you are so organized, Nancy! thanks so much on sharing the stamp and die storage tips! love seeing your craft space! =)

  8. Organizing is so rewarding and cleansing, isn't it. Your room looks great and ready for some great action. Love this peek into your special place, nancy!

  9. Well, I knew I needed to get into my room to clean it and this has given me the kick I needed! :) What a beautiful room and thanks for the tips!

  10. Great job on the organizing! I'm semi organized but then that means I'm still semi not organized! (ha!) I like your system. Just give me 3 days of uninterrupted peace and I know I could get the "semi-not" done!

  11. Oh yes, I love this. I love your containers and the dividers and especially the labels. Thanks for the peek at your storage and room.


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