Sunday, June 1, 2014

Change is good...Congrats Card

So there have been some happy and exciting developments with my family lately. My hubby has a great new job working for a cabinet company. He is the Quality Control Manager and it's the perfect job for my perfectionist guy. I'm trying to get used to him not working from home any more. It's just me and the doodlebugs now!

My newest daughter-in-love, Mary, just got a full-time teaching position! She'll be teaching junior high starting in the fall. Ben will be going to school in the fall too, finally taking advantage of his veteran's benefits. Big changes for Ben's family.

Not to be outdone, my grandson Uriah has been signed by a top talent agency in Hollywood. They think he's got potential so we'll see what happens. Kellie and Andy will be keeping a close eye on things, so no worries.

I have been pretty low on creative mojo lately so I've been organizing, rearranging and de-cluttering my craft supplies. Found lots of stuff I didn't know I had, yay!

I got a little spark of inspiration today and made a congrats card for Mary.

Lawn Fawn - A Good Apple, Penelope's Blossoms + coordinating dies, Wish You Were + coordinating dies, Science of Love + coordinating dies, Woodgrain Backdrops, Into the Woods 6x6 paper.

Every day is an adventure, enjoy!



  1. Congrats Nancy on the good news! Thanks for sharing them. It's always nice to hear happy news!

    What a cute card you've got there!

  2. Good news all around, Nancy - so happy to hear it all! And could Uriah be any cuter? Look at those gorgeous eyes! It's no wonder they think he has potential.

    Isn't it fun finding crafty goodies you totally forgot about? Your card is so adorable, my friend! Perfect for Mary - she'll love it! Sending hugs to you! ♥

  3. yay for all the happy news Nancy.. your grandson is adorable.. and love your card..

  4. Look at those eyes! That is one Handsome little man you have there :) Your card is pretty fabulous too!

  5. great to hear such great news for your family Nancy. Your grandson is very cute, no wonder he is under a talent agent. He'll make a super cute little model. Your card for your daughter in law/love is adorable. She'll love it.

  6. Wonderful happy news. And that grandson is one handsome child!! Love the card, Nancy!

  7. Congrats on all of your news! And what a fun card for your daughter-in-law - lots of lovely details!

  8. Love hearing about all the new blessings in your family's lives! Such a cute card too:)


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