Monday, September 7, 2009

"Fun" in the garden on Labor Day Weekend

Golden Glow
Golden Glow Rose. This is one of my newest additions.

I'm sorry I missed posting yesterday, but I was working in the yard all day. Our old sprinkler system needed to be replaced to update it for the new garden design. My dear friends Sue and Ernie were here all weekend, truth be told they are in the backyard even now as Ernie is finishing the sprinkler hook up. Praise God for good friends.
Sue and Digby sharing a laugh
Sue planting a pot with help from Digby

Tia makes friends with Ernie
Ernie taking a break with Tia

Saturday we got a start on the digging and bought all the sprinkler parts, Sunday was the heavy digging day with all hands on deck. At one point it was suggested we rent a ditch witch trencher, to which my hubby replied, "I'll go wake up my Ditch Witch". One more reason why I'm happy to have Ben home. He finished the work in half the time it would have taken us old folks. That was how Ben celebrated his E A S day. (End of active service in the Marine Corps) Today and for the next four years, he is inactive reserve status.
When Sue and I started working on my yard this past May it was a large weed infested dusty landscape. It's starting to take shape with the first phase almost complete. I will occasionally post about the progress that is being made to transform my yard.

Proof, the princess does manual labor!
This is my proof that I can do manual labor. Five years ago this would not have been possible due to multiple herniated disks. Surgery four years ago gave me a new lease on life! I am very grateful.

knock it off with the picture taking
Ben to the rescue! He finished the digging in no time. Must be all that Marine Corps training. He was not pleased that I took this picture.

Digby drops by the offer some digging tips
Digby offers some advice on digging.

more encouragement...and a little scratch
Tia offers some encouragement and gets a little scratch.

Cherry Parfait
Cherry Parfait Rose

Thought for the day: Be joyful in hope, patient in trouble and keep on praying; Romans 12:12.
Good advice no matter what the situation.

Blessings to All!


  1. Oh, I see a joyful garden in a lot of folks future! Nan, so great to see this and share it with you. You will so much appreciate it for years, it will bring you such happiness, and calm. Gardeners are all the same, a cheerful but easy bunch satisfied with little. It's only a weed, if you don't want it there. haha. love you now, Nan1

  2. Love the roses! And the dogs are soo cute! Can`t wait to see the new baby dog of our neighbor! Enjoy your wonderful garden!


  3. I would have loved to have spent a weekend with you in the garden! I love plants but don't always like looking after them! You have some supberb roses! Our soil is vineyard quality which does not support rose bushes unless I use alot of fertilizer! You will enjoy your garden when all the hard work is finished.
    Thanks for the thought for today - so encouraging!

  4. great photos! Thank God that your surgery was a success!!

  5. Hi, Nancy! Wow! Looks like ALL of you had a busy day! Even Digby and Tia. Love the roses, especially the yellow one. I had yellow roses at my wedding. :-)


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