Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Still Moving In Here at the New Blog

I added the banner and edited the title today. Still sprucing up the new digs. The photo in the header is a card I made for my dad for Father's Day this year. He is pictured on the far left when he was about 9 or 10 years old. Vintage and distressed styles catch my eye, I'm so drawn to the subtle washed out colors and the feeling of a simpler time in history.

Here is the card as I posted it on Flickr:
Good Times-vintage another view

The thought for today~ The fruit of the Spirit is.....kindness!
Enjoy today, it's a gift from God!


  1. I am so very honored to be the first person to comment on your blog!! And what a beautiful blog too! Congratulations!
    Nancy, so so happy to see you have started to share yourself through your art-work and posts !! Your card here is absolutely teriffic!!
    I am putting you on my blog role so that I know each time you post. Looking forward to it.
    Love the picture of you on the bench, so beautiful! Love your banner of course, very clever to have sussed that out already!!
    Bless you!!

  2. Beautiful card, and I love your blog, I am very impressed that you have put your own header on too. The scenery in your photo looks incredible too.
    Hero hostess hugs Cathy

  3. I absolutely love your blog. Congrats. I added it to my favs. Will be back often. Come visit me.


  4. I've often thought of doing a blog myself, then wondered if anyone would care or stop by.

    I have posted your blog to by blog favorites and will come back often. Very inspiring indeed.

    Your thought for today ... Fruit of the Spirit, Kindness. This is our 6-week Bible study at church right now. :)

  5. Nan2 !!! This is wonderful, I am following you now, girl. I am so happy you have your Ben back so close and he is with you and Al doing things like this new computer. How sweet of him, how honorable as he knows you really needed that ! (probably pay back for cleaning up the room he left you with....) His actions are perfect with your thought for the day, fruit of the spirit, kindness. I am canning away madly my fruit, I am encouraged you are pursuing your gardening efforts. Will be glad to come back again and see what you have done!! Getting ready to help Tim bottle his latest beer, a Blond Blonde belgian ale. Those three clown dogs in the photo are just perfect. You have a happy life, and much to celebrate. Know I value your friendship. Congrats on your Blog! love you much, xox Nan1


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