Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Golden Opportunity

Journal Project
My Gold page for the Truest Colors Circle Journal Project, 2005 I used a vintage photo, circa 1910, of my grandmother and her sisters.

A few years back I participated in a Circle Journal with a group from the now defunct Sweet Water Sisters site. It was based on the Stampington and Company book True Colors.

The journal itself was sent to each of the participants and after beginning in Hawaii, I was second on the list. Each artist had chosen a color or combination of colors to use to add a page to the journal, which was a really cool 1940s album for storing 78 records. In addition to the journal each artist was to include a set of ATCs (artist trading cards) one for each of the color combinations used in the journal.
I had a wonderful time designing and completing my page and set of ATCs. Thankfully I photographed and scanned the artwork before sending it off. The project was to take almost a year for everyone from across the country to add their work to the journal. Somewhere near the end the journal disappeared. There were frantic emails exchanged to see who had seen it last but it never turned up. I never got to see the later additions to this collaboration and I felt very deflated. I had sent my ATCs separately to the coordinator but nothing was followed through.
A sampling of my ATCs~ I used a different technique for each one, dictated by the color. I enjoyed the challenge of creating something totally different with each one.

I share this story because for some reason I am still feeling somewhat deflated by the failure of the project and it has been part of the reason I find it hard to jump into new projects lately. I'm hoping this will settle it once and for all.

More ATCs

Thought for the day: our own attempts at perfection are over rated. They only lead to stifled creativity and feelings of failure. Strive instead to allow God to do His work, to bring about His perfection in you.

Life is good, God is faithful!


  1. Hi Nan - what a great storyline! You know, miracles happen every day and that journal could show up anytime, anywhere. Someone knows where it is. At least, you have your photos and memories to rekindle the fire and joy you received in participating in that effort! tfs.

  2. It's sad to think that someone somewhere probably couldn't hold up her end of the bargain, so decided to cut it off. After all, no one was in proximity to find her! Hopefully, her heart will be touched one day and she'll make it right.

  3. Hi, Nancy! I'm sorry that your project turned out so badly! Your ATCs are gorgeous! I think all artists have a very sensitive, tender spirit, and when it gets crushed, we take it sooo hard! I have found that the way back is to take baby steps. You might be interested in joining ATCs for All where you can make your ATCs and post them and maybe do some smaller swaps of just a couple of cards. Perhaps this is the right baby step for you and maybe not ... but do try to find a baby step to take and keep creating! Hugs! :-)


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