Friday, June 8, 2012

First Sign of Summer?

At our house the first sign of summer is the annual shearing of the wholly mammoth we call Digby.

Here he is pre-shearing:

The beautiful golden fur coat is great for winter (and for Tia to snuggle up in) but not so much for our warm summers and the plethora of foxtails in our area.

Here's our not-so-wholly mammoth ready to take on all the summer fun:

Special thanks to my friend Kathy and her buddy Max for providing the inspiration for this post!

I have a post over on the Stamp Fever blog today...a great little storage tip that you won't want to miss!

I'll be teaching the last session of my Stamping 101 series at Stamp Fever tomorrow and next Saturday.
here's the sample cards:

Have a great weekend everyone,


  1. Those cards are so gorgeous, Nancy! And boy, oh, boy does Digby ever look different after being all trimmed down! I'd never know it was the same dog - he is beautiful! :)

  2. Perfect idea for storing the smaller stamps, thanks ever so much!! I know I have some of those around here, somewhere....

  3. A perfect illustration of why labs and goldens are related! Digby looks like our Brandy (a yellow lab mix) did!
    And I'll be lifting that card to the left with the script background and poppy die.....I love it!

  4. wow digby you look so cute in your summer coat and Mum's cards are gorgeous...hugs from kath & buddy xxx

  5. Digby is adorable !!! And Tia is so cute!!! Great post! It's gonna be a great class, your cards are so pretty. Off to check Stamp Fever!

  6. Digby is a beautiful dog, even when shorn!

    Love those cards - especially the poppy one!

  7. Love your class cards, Nancy - gorgeous each and every one! And such fun to see your sweet doggies!

  8. Oh my goodness Nancy! He doesn't even look like the same dog!! And Tia is the cutest dog ever!! Your class participants are so lucky - your card samples are fabulous!

  9. Your Digby and Tia are a hoot in that photo! Wish I could look ten pounds thinner that fast! Those are gorgeous cards to share in a class, you have such an eye for detail.

  10. Your cards are absolute beauties Nancy!! Good luck with your class.
    I think it is a great idea to shave a dog for the summer -never seen it here though!

  11. These class cards are amazing, nancy! I love that Memory Box die but have resisted getting it. I would so love to take your classes! I am teaching one of my own today so I'll let you know how it goes. Your doggie will appreciate his new cut when the summer really hits - too cute!

  12. Oh boy is he sweet or what?!!! I so wish I had a Golden! Have always thought they were such a perfect family pet. Now if I could just get the DH on board :( And those are seriously beautiful cards Nancy!

  13. Digby looks all set for the summer now Nancy. And your cards look fabulous. Lucky ladies who get to learn from you.


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