Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Heart Wisdom #3

I meant for this to be posted yesterday but the beautiful weather was calling.....Al and I loaded up the dogs and headed to Huntington Beach. We met up with Andy and Kellie and Uriah for a lovely walk along the beach. It was the perfect way to enjoy a perfect day!
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and the people with phones fell down on their picture taking job so I have no pictures to share just really good memories. :)

I just can't get enough of the Summer Fresh collection so I used it for this week's Happy Heart Wisdom

This passage means so much to me. The Word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything He does.  I think about all the times when my faith has been tested by circumstances and uncertainty. God has always been there for me. In my experience my faith in God has never been in vain. We are being tested now. We've jumped into the world of the self-employed after many years of steady paychecks. We are "working without a net" as we like to say. 

Looking back I realize that every time we have taken that first step of faith to follow His lead, even if it feels like that first step is taking us right off the edge of the cliff, God has been there to catch us. We have been blessed over the years when we have made the hard financial decisions, the ones that sometimes make no sense to others: the job changes, our decision to have me stay home with our sons, years later leaving my job so we could be foster parents for our nieces. None of these decisions came at a good time financially, but they were in God's timing and we always ended up in a better place than we were before.

I know I can trust God because He wants what is for my good. His unfailing love fills the earth, it surrounds me and reminds me that He can be trusted. He has never let me down before; I know He won't let me down now.

My prayer is that you will know the unfailing love of God, that you will know and trust in Him!



  1. Thanks for sharing that perfect day, Nancy, and also this meditation. So true! Love those papers, too!

  2. Sounds like such a lovely day with your family, Nanc! And you are so right - it's during the most difficult times that our faith needs to be the strongest - wishing you much happiness and peace with the tough decisions you've made! Love and hugs to you!

  3. I really appreciate your sharing this verse and the uplifting thoughts.

  4. Your day with your family sounds absolutely lovely! No need for pictures-you'll carry the memory in your heart:). Thanks for sharing this scripture and your thoughts. I truly believe God doesn't bring us more than He knows we can handle if we have put our faith and trust in Him. Hugs, Robin P.S. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog:)

  5. It's amazing how He stretches us in ways that make our life in Him more fulfilling. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You post today is lovely. To trust so much is fabulous. You are very inspiring Nancy. So glad you had such a great family day.

  7. Nancy, you are so right! Sometimes there is no "logical" reason for our choices; they are a leap of faith. And sometimes they aren't a "choice" at all; just something our heart and soul tells us is right at that time! Bless you for sharing! Hugs.

  8. Thanks for sharing from your heart Nancy. Our faith does get stretched doesn't it - thank goodness He is Faithful!

  9. What a nice day with your family - it is sometimes better to enjoy the time and not worry about photos. Love this scripture, too. We need to remember that we can overcome with His help. You are a true joy!


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