Monday, August 27, 2012

Check This Out

I'm totally loving the new Lawn Fawn stamp set, Check This Out! I got the opportunity to design a Make n Take for a local retailer show using the set. I was supposed to go to demonstrate but I had a puppy emergency so Mr Lawn Fawn, aka Mike did the honors. Men can be crafty! The card combines the stamps with the fabulous new Dewey Decimal papers. The little tag can be removed to use as a bookmark or a photo or personal message can be added.

I'm so hoping to get back to a regular posting schedule but circumstances have been conspiring against me. My father in law was in the hospital over the weekend, we are getting ready for Uriah's 1st birthday party next week, I've been working some pretty long days at LF HQ getting summer CHA orders out and then there's that "puppy emergency" I mentioned.

It appears my big boy has developed some perplexing problems. We recently had to start him on thyroid medication (it's working, he's already lost 11 pounds....where do I get some of that?) and now he has some severe allergies that have caused him to literally tear up his skin. Yesterday he did some real damage to his neck so a trip to the vet could not be put off. After a long stay at the vet and a whole pharmacy worth of medications he's resting today. I'll spare you the photos of the aftermath other than to share our very workable solution to the scratching......

.....he's triple socked, it's almost like he's got boxing gloves on his feet. It works and he looks really funny when he tries to walk on the hardwood floors.

Just home from the vet last night....trying to come off the sedatives. He needs constant supervision so I'm watching him like a hawk while we wait for the results of the testing.

I will have some fun birthday decorations to share later this week so I hope you will join me then.



  1. So sorry to hear about your poor boy! I'm glad the socks are helping. I've been busy with the end of summer and I've missed so much here. I love this LF card - so fun!

  2. I'm not sure what FIL is, but will send positive thoughts and prayers along to you as it sounds like you have your plate very full. Still able to make this knock-out card! I remember when library books were! Love this design, especially the removable tag. Take care, my friend....hugs!

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your big boy. That reminds me when our big boy had severe skin problem on his paw. We couldn't keep the socks on him, even with duck tape around the socks. I hope he will get better soon. Hugs.

  4. Poor baby.... his socks were a great idea to stop the scratching.

    Your little card is super cute and good on Mike for stepping up to the plate and becoming the instructor for the day.

  5. Very cute card Nancy! Wishing your big boy a speed recovery!

  6. Sorry to hear about your FIL - hope he's doing okay! And your poor baby-genius idea to use the socks! Hope his recovery is speedy too! Your card is adorable-brings back fond memories!

  7. Hope your FIL is on his way to a speedy recovery, and your poor pup, too! I'm sure Uriah's birthday will be special and memorable. And I love your card! Must check out LF's new stamps! Take good care, Nancy!

  8. Cute card Nancy! I hope your sweet furry friend feels better soon! My pups have allergies as well and want to lick their paws like mad!


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