Monday, August 20, 2012

Wedding Card Challenge

Okay, here's a challenge for you....make a wedding card using a completely non-wedding stamp set. I had the background stamped on the panel and it was just sitting on my desk daring me to use it on the wedding card I was struggling with. The colors weren't "traditional" wedding colors, the motif was a bit problematic too.....but I couldn't let some paper and ink get the better of me, could I?

So here's my wedding card made with the new set called Check This Out....

I stamped out the sentiment with Smitty's ABCs and used the herringbone design from Interlocking Backdrops on the card base and the strip at the bottom. The inside of the card has a pocket for a gift card.
So what do you think....hopefully you like it because it's on the way to the happy couple.



  1. Oh, you are so creative! I love this! Such an adorable idea, Nancy! I'll bet the happy couple thinks this is one cool card! :)

  2. How very clever Nancy. Your unusual card is fabulous.

  3. This is so creative Nancy!! I'm sure the happy couple will adore it!!,

  4. This is so darn creative, Nancy!Since I am not a white lace and dove kind of gal, I know I would love to get this as a wedding card. Outside the box and just perfect!

  5. Oh so clever, Nancy! I love this :)

  6. Fabulous Nancy, love your clever wedding card!

  7. I really love this idea Nancy - just so clever!


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