Thursday, May 16, 2013

Attack of the Gnomes!

I love making cards, really I do! I love that I get to use Lawn Fawn stamps to make sample cards. Even coloring 40 gnomes and 40 bees and assembling 40 cards is a blast. But when it's late at night and those gnomes seem to be multiplying.....

......well you get the picture....

You just may find this card in your favorite Archiver's store....


May all your cardmaking adventures be FUN!



  1. Can't wait to see it at my local store! So cute!

  2. Oh, it is so adorable Nanc! I can't wait to see if that card is in my Archiver's! I love it! Thanks for making me smile this evening! :)

  3. I wish we had Archiver's stores in NYS! Such a cute card Nancy! And the thought of those multiplying gnomes made me giggle:)

  4. Well done Nancy. These are delightful. I can imagine all those gnomes giving you a hard time... I bet they were laughing hard at you!

  5. I love your designs! So fun!

  6. Nancy this is just adorable!!! Saw the beautiful display of colorful images you colored that was posted on LF's facebook page today too... great job!! I am now your newest follower =)

    Jo's Scrap Shack

  7. I may just have nightmares about the attack of the gnomes......good thing he is a cutie! You make me smile. What a good thing you are doing for Lawn Fawn. Wish we had an to see him in person. Cute, nancy!

  8. Wow, that's a ton of work! I love seeing all those gnomes together. Heehee. They are adorable and your colouring is amazing!


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