Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CHA Moments

(I'm sorry this post is delayed a bit I meant to have it up before this but life intervened. I'll explain later in this post).

I had a wonderful time working in the Lawn Fawn booth at CHA this year. I enjoyed another 4 days of non-stop make-n-takes with some of my favorite crafty people. It's so nice to see the same smiling faces again each year and to meet new friends, too.

Here's a look at the make-n-take projects  this year:

I designed our Gleeful Gardens Make n Take for Saturday. 
This card also features the new Stitched Circle Stackables, Gingham Backdrops and paper from the Pint-sized Patterns - Beachside Collection.

On Sunday we made Candy Boxes! Lots and lots of Candy Boxes! 
We added a cute tag to the box made with Flirty Frames and Let's Play. 
I just love that sweet squirrel and designed him peeking out of the corner of the tag.

Our Monday Make n Take was this sweet Baked with Love card, designed by super talented Chari!

Kristin designed this Stuck on You card for our Tuesday Make n Take. It was a big hit! 
It also features Pint-sized Patterns Beachside Collection and the new Stitched Squares Lawn Cuts!
All the new Lawn Fawn products will be available in mid-February, yay!

Here's some highlights of the week-long extravaganza that starts with set up and ends with tear down:

The first Make-n-Takers of 2015!

One of the special highlights for me is when I get to play chauffeur to "visiting dignitaries"!
Recognize anyone in this fun group selfie? 

Even just a short visit with Sandy is special! Seeing friends each year is a definite highlight.

I enjoyed a quiet lunch chat with Shari Carroll one day. We compared grandma notes and shared photos of our sweet grand-loves! Alas, no photos taken together :( 

Booth tear-down crew: Nicole, Tiffany and Ivy 
All the Fawnies are hard workers and so much fun!
 I am so blessed to be a part of the Fawnie Team!

So back to life: I usually take a few days off after the show to totally rest so I can head off any Chronic Fatigue recurrences and I did great this time. While I was enjoying my second day of down-time I got a call from my son, he had just taken Uriah to the Children's Hospital ER with a high fever and rash. Yep, my little guy got a case of measles. Although he has gotten his first vaccinations, he was just getting over a nasty cold when he was exposed to the virus and full immunity isn't achieved until after the booster at 4 years. Uriah spent 3 days in isolation being studied by doctors who had never seen a case of measles before (that's how well we had eradicated this disease). I'm happy to report that he is fully recovered now and enjoying his awesome 3 year-old life. 

Grammy on the other hand has become very clumsy lately. I tripped while cleaning the bathroom and tumbled backward into the tub. The next morning I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. Hubby is having me fitted for a padded suit, ha! Then just last week I was carrying a box to the car when I bumped my knuckle on the door knob. No problem, right? Half hour later my knuckle had swelled to the size of a golf ball and hurt like the dickens. I spent the rest of the day in the ER to find out if it was broken, Luckily I just broke a blood vessel and the swelling eventually went down. That was Monday of last week and my hand is still swollen and very colorful. 
I'm thinking the padded suit might not be a bad idea!

I'm going to be spending the next week or so making Lawn Fawn sample cards to send to our retailers. Hopefully I will have something new I can post after that. Let's be careful out there!



  1. Love your cards and all the wonderful pics, Nance!

    So relieved Uriah is okay - that must have been so scary! And Poor you! I'm happy to hear you're healing - take care of yourself please! Sending love and hugs! ♥

  2. What a great post, Nancy! I enjoyed hearing about and seeing your adventures at CHA - and those at home! Getting older is no fun, is it? We have to think about things that we didn't use to have to! So now that Uriah has had the measles, does this mean he won't need that 4-yo booster? Sending hugs, my friend!

  3. The cards look wonderful and what a good time you had at CHA! Glad your grandson is doing ok and you are too. Be careful and take care. Hugs

  4. Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend! No fun when "life" intervenes in such a negative way. Take care and God bless.
    PS those cards are soooo cute!!

  5. Great CHA pics, Nancy, and I love the make 'n take card you designed! Adorable!! Hope you're feeling better and so glad Uriah is over his measles bout!

  6. Such super adorable cards - thanks so much for sharing such wonderful inspiration - I want to go home and Craft NOW!!!

  7. lovely cards and looks like it was fun spending the time at CHA. Poor little Uriah - both my children suffered lightly with measles - but not nearly as bad as your babe. Glad he is well again. And you need to take care of yourself Nancy... sounds like you've had a hard time lately.

  8. Thanks for showing the CHA pics, those are the sweetest make and takes! Glad everyone is okay, I can't even imagine having the measles. Take care!


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