Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It may be Fall elsewhere....

....but when the thermometer is reading 97 degrees it still feels like summer here. I made a couple of cards yesterday that I'm hoping are season-less but they are looking pretty summery.

For this first one, I was inspired by a card I saw in the new Paper Crafts magazine, using some fabric tape, washi tape and tissue tape. I've still got the Jar of Sunshine stamp set by Unity out on the desk so it got used along with another great Stampendous Bible verse stamp. I found the polka dot paper tape at Target.

This card has a sentiment from Jar of Sunshine and uses some paper from the Simple Stories Summer Fresh 6x6 pad. Lawn Trimmings twine from the Vivid triple pack is the finishing touch.

So it's been tag team doggy vet visits around here lately. Anybody know of a dog and pony show that needs a couple dogs? I'm buried in vet bills and they need to start earning their keep.

Digby is doing much better after his month of weekly Lime baths, he stinks of rotten eggs but all his skin issues have been fixed. He is taking thyroid meds for the rest of his life but they are working so it's worth it.
He's at the vet today for a good smelling bath!! I can't wait.

Tia on the other hand just couldn't let Digs have all the attention. We came home Saturday evening from a lovely BBQ at Mike and Kelly's to find Tia burning up with fever. We took her to the emergency vet at 2 am when we couldn't get her temp to come down. After telling us her temp was 104.7 they did absolutely nothing and sent us home. By 9:00 am Sunday morning I had her at our vet where they began IV fluids and antibiotics. That evening she was sent home to rest with a normal temp. I took her back Monday for an ultrasound of her belly and to have 2 teeth pulled. She got a full dental cleaning and a mani-pedi while she was there. She will be on meds for her liver at least for the next year. She was so cute wandering around the house trying to shake off the anesthesia and now she's almost back to her sassy self. I love my vet, but I've been spending way too much time there lately.

So, how's your week shaping up?

Matthew 7:20
"Just as you can identify a tree by it's fruit, so you can identify people by their actions."



  1. I love the inspired colors for fall. I know you are not into the fall mood because of the temperature in the OC...but here in this part of Canada, it's gorgeous out there with the fall leaves! The Bible verses on the jar is gorgeous and meaningful! Perfect design in every way, Nancy!

  2. Both cards are delightful, Nancy! The verse fits so perfectly on the jar and I love that pretty, flowery paper - such a happy pattern!

    Like Virginia, we are having gorgeous weather here in Minnesota too - temps in the low 70's with amazing fall colors. I'm not fooling myself though - the high on Saturday is only in the upper 40's - ugh - here it comes. . .

    I sure hope both your sweet doggies feel better and STAY that way for a long time! Vet bills are no fun! Sending hugs! :)

  3. Beautiful cards, Nancy!! I cannot believe that for once, it's cooler here in Texas than in CA. :) Hope you're doing well.

  4. Nancy, these are beautiful cards! But I am relating more to the story about the vets' bills!! Just routine vaccinations and annual exam plus heartworm and flea prevention meds took up my stamping budget for a couple of months!! But they are so worth it!! It's been 15 years between owning dogs for us, so the cost increase seems dramatic!!

  5. Love your cards. Wish it was still Summer here!

  6. Nancy, I can totally relate to the weather. Here in the southern part of Georgia we are still pretty warm - they are teasing us with the chance of cool mornings this weekend :)

    Love both your cards! Your jar with the Proverbs verse has so much meaning for our family - it is one of our special verses. It has been a testimony for us on more than one occasion.

    We no longer have any animals to tend to - a stray cat every once in a while. But when we did they were very much a part of our family - hope both of your "children" :) get to feeling better soon!

  7. Both cards so beautiful Nancy! I especially like the one with the jar!

  8. Both cards are beautiful, Nancy, no matter what the season. And I empathize with your vet bills! Hope both of your babies will be back to normal soon!

  9. what great weather Nancy. Lovely cards. And your poor little pets... glad to hear they are on the mend.

  10. Glad she is back to herself! Bless her!

    I hope you have been well! Things on this end have been a big roller coaster for the last year and I am just now starting to get back to creating a bit more. Hoping to visit more too.

    Sending hugs!


  11. Good grief, I am so tired (after midnight here) I didn't even comment on your beautiful cards. They are beyond gorgeous! Love love the scripture in the mason jar and washi on the first.

    and the colors on the second gives it that homespun feel that just warms my heart! Love it!

    Double Hugs Nancy!

  12. Now that's what I call a Jar of Joy Nancy! Love how you used the jar to frame the wonderful verse! I'm so sorry to hear your fur babies have been sick lately:(. Hope they are now on the road to recovery!

  13. Bless your heart Nancy...my week is going a lot better with the dogs than yours! It's a wonder you have any energy for creating, and yet you've made a lovely card! I love how you are embracing the last of summer with bright flowers, and the verse in the mason jar is a terrific idea! Hope all becomes well with you!

  14. Beautiful cards Nancy, really enjoying the lovely colors and words!

  15. Love your colorful card, Nancy! So glad your pups are doing better!!


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