Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Honoring the Heroes in My Family

Well I had planned this post for this morning but I had some major technical difficulties here in the Happy Heart.

I wanted to share this photo of my dad and his brother when they were both serving the US during WWII.

My Uncle Bill was in the Navy and my dad was a Marine. They both look so young in this photo.
My son followed his grandfather by serving in the Marine Corps.
I'm remembering all those who have served and are serving the United States with honor and bravery.

Ben, in the middle, with his fire team somewhere in Iraq 2009.

I have always stored all my photos on my external hard drive and it was always on my to do list to back them up on disks. But before I got to that project my hard drive had a major brain freeze and my PC couldn't access the files. I finally got the hard drive to wake up and smell the coffee so I took the opportunity to do all the copying onto disks. It took most of the day but I'm happy that all my precious photos aren't gone for good. Now I'm looking at online backup programs for another level of security. Anyone have any ideas?

Blessings to you all,


  1. lovely post Nancy. Glad you didn't lose your photos. I only use an external hard drive so should do a backup to an online programme.

  2. So glad that you didn't lose this precious memory, Nancy - thanks for sharing it with us. Lovely and so sweet that you have honored them in this way.


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